O Magnum Mysterium CD


From the Medieval plainsong to the contemporary works by Australians Clare Maclean and John D’Arcy, the music on this all-sacred program spans over a thousand years of Western music history. The program contains some of the most beautiful music in the ‘traditional Western’ unaccompanied sacred repertoire, and although much of it is for the season of Christmas, the spiritual ‘content’ of the music itself often transcends the religious season or liturgical reason for which the music was originally composed.



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Track Listing

Total Time61:43
1Ubi caritasMaurice Duruflé2:18
2Tota pulchra esMaurice Duruflé1:50
3Tu es PetrusMaurice Duruflé0:55
4Tantum ergoMaurice Duruflé2:45
5Verbum caro factum estHans Leo Hassler2:40
6Haill! Quene of HevenRoss Edwards1:41
7Ave MariaTomas Luis da Victoria0:55
8NativityJohn Taverner3:05
9Corde natusPlainsong2:36
10O magnum mysteriumTomas Luis da Victoria3:31
11Come, Love we GodJohn D’Arcy3:22
13Riu, Riu, ChiuAnon.1:54
14O magnum mysteriumGiovanni Perluigi da Palestrina3:36
15Christ the KingClare Maclean9:50
16Sicut cervusGiovanni Perluigi da Palestrina3:09
17Tu est PetrusGiovanni Perluigi da Palestrina3:22
18O magnum mysteriumGiovanni Gabrieli3:45
19Jesus Christ the apple treeElizabeth Poston3:13
20Ave verum corpusWilliam Byrd4:02

Additional information

Weight20 g
Dimensions142 × 125 × 10 mm