Celebration CD


This CD recording celebrates fifteen years of concert giving, broadcasting and touring by Adelaide Chamber Singers. The recordings themselves are drawn from the choir’s concert archives and previous CD releases. The recordings span the five year period from April 1996 to November 2000 and chronicle the wide variety of genres and musical styles which have featured in the Adelaide Chamber Singers’ repertoire in recent years.

The recordings are of concerts and other performances in chapels and churches from Adelaide to Oxford.



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Track Listing

Total Time69:05
1Stabat MaterGiovanni Pierlugi da Palestrina9:42
2Dixit Dominus (from Vespers of 1610)Claudio Monteverdi8:14
3Ubi CaritasMaurice Duruflé2:19
4Lobet den Herrn, alle HeidenJ.S. Bach6:17
5O Magnum MysteriumTomas Luis da Victoria3:30
Israel in Egypt (Excerpts)G. F. Handel
6He smote all the first born of Egypt2:24
7He is my God0:42
8And I will exalt him2:52
Whispering WindsTim Sexton
9The Fields of Corn2:39
10Whispering Winds2:32
12KondalillaStephen Leek6:59
Mass for the Middle Aged (Excerpts)Graeme Koehne
13Libera Me5:33
14In Paradisum6:43
Love LostPaul Sjolund
15When you’re away0:42
16Careless words0:21
17Your little hands0:58
18A Nightingale sang in Berkeley SquareArr. Gene Puerling4:18

Additional information

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Dimensions142 × 125 × 10 mm