Different Angels CD


If there is anything on this earth which all cultures throughout all time have in common with each other it is the search for a spiritual foundation for life; an explanation of our existence. Humanity defines its fundamental differences and its common bonds by the circumstances of its search for spiritual fulfilment.

From the Aboriginal Dreaming’s creative spirits of Uluru to the firm yet loving God of Job and the generous spirit of Jesus Christ, there is a deep spirituality at the core of all of the music on this recording which encompasses three different religious traditions. All of the music manifests the passion and the yearning of the search even though each work sings of different “angels”.



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Track Listing

1Et MisericordiaClare Maclean11:50
Great Southern SpiritsStephen Leek
Wassails and LullabiesAndrew Ford
6Song of the Nuns of Chester4:56
7Corpus Christi Carol (refrain)0:24
8Gloucestershire Wassail1:23
9Corpus Christi Carol (verse and refrain)0:50
10This Endris Night3:51
11Corpus Christi Carol (verse and refrain)0:45
13Corpus Christi Carol (verse and refrain)0:48
14Coventry Carol4:14
15Corpus Christi Carol (two verses and refrain)1:05
16The Boar’s Head Carol1:35
17Corpus Christi Carol (two verses and refrain)1:02
18Christ the King Clare Maclean9:46
 Total Time69:23

Additional information

Weight20 g
Dimensions142 × 125 × 10 mm