For over 35 years, Adelaide Chamber Singers has revelled in the sonorities of centuries of choral music and we sing not so much because we can, but because we must. Our 2022 season will be released early next year. We will send information to all patrons on our mailing list.

Farewell Carl…and welcome Christie!

Adelaide Chamber Singers’ Founder, Artistic Director and Conductor, Carl Crossin OAM, will take the gratitude, enormous respect and heartiest well-wishes of everyone when he steps back from his ACS duties at the close of the 2021 season.

We welcome our long-time associate conductor Christie Anderson, as she steps into the role of Conductor and Artistic Director from 2022. Chookas to both Christie and Carl in their respective future adventures (and Carl we are not letting you escape completely with projects already planned with you in the coming years). Flight (20/21 November) will be Carl’s last concert as the current AD of ACS.

Hear My Prayer

Listen to our livestream from the Wayfaring Stranger concert

ACS performances will adhere to both our and the venues COVID-safe plans which include asking all attendees to scan the QR code or complete the written register, encouraging physical distancing, and complying with directives by SA Health current at the time of the performance.