Chorally demanding, it was made to sound easy by the accomplished Chamber Singers, and the masterful control and clearly deep understanding of Carl Crossin’s direction.

Late Night in the Cathedral: PassioAussie Theatre, March 2015

Sometimes at the altar of precision is sacrificed warmth, meaning and fervor, but not so with the Singers. Crossin and the Singers attain it all. Bravo. Brava.

Late Night in the Cathedral: PassioBarefoot Reviewer, March 2015

…ACS’s performance will appeal to anyone who enjoys great music, performed by world-class musicians in a unique and superb acoustic setting.

In typical ACS style, the work is dignified, solemn and intriguing, and complex musicality seems easy in the hands of these accomplished musicians and singers.

Late Night in the Cathedral: PassioIndaily, March 2015