…ACS’s entirely grounded and deeply satisfying, ungimmicky readings floated over the myriad challenges with seeming ease that delighted the senses no end.¬†Knut Nystedt’s deconstructed Bach chorale Immortal Bach 1 proved a sensational sonic experience, the 24 singers sounding like double their numbers in its enticing ear-candy that remained in the mind long after it had finished.

Late Night in the CathedralThe Advertiser, March 2014

This is a meticulously disciplined and highly accomplished choir, which deserved the rapturous applause from a packed cathedral at this 10pm concert.

Late Night in the CathedralAustralian Stage, March 2014

Their female line-up vocal signature is always memorable but for sheer purity, expressiveness and intonation accuracy this program provided stellar listening of exceptional quality.

CrystallineThe Advertiser, April 2014